GAA Greensboro Auto Auctions

Event Information

AUCTION SEATING: The first 10 rows in the seating area are designated for bidders/sellers & guests, anyone wearing a badge. General Public is invited to sit in seats behind row 10 or the stanchion designating public seating. Skyboxes are by invitation only.

SECURITY MEASURES: All those who attend a GAA Classic Cars Auction event must enter through the main gate/entrance(off Norwalk). All guests must pass through a security checkpoint. All bags: purses, diaper bags, backpacks...etc will be searched prior to entry. All guests will receive a hand stamp (good for that day only) that shows they have passed through the security checkpoint. If you return to your vehicle or pass through the main gate and return you will have to go through the security checkpoints again.
Event Details
301 Norwalk St.
Greensboro, NC 27407
Sep 30, 2019  -  Nov 1, 2019
Auction Schedule


8:00am: Gates Open
11:30am: Badged bidders, sellers, and their guests: Complimentary lunch provided by Longhorn Steakhouse
1:00pm: Auction starts with 30-40 pieces of classic memorabilia followed by 190 vehicles.

8:00am: Gates open
10:00am: Auction starts offering 255 vehicles.

8:00 am: Gates Open
10:00am: Auction starts offering 195 vehicles.